Learn how to Ollie with skateboard trick tips

Learn how to Ollie with these trick tips. Before you start learning how to Ollie, make sure you're comfortable riding around on your board. You need good balance before you start learning how to do an Ollie.

An Ollie is jumping with your skateboard. Learning how to Ollie is the most fundamental skill of all skateboard tricks. You can learn how to do an Ollie while stationary, while riding down the street, or on/off of obstacles or tricks. Read these steps carefully and you’ll learn how to Ollie in no time!

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Learn how to Ollie with skateboard trick tips

1. Get comfortable with standing on and riding your skateboard before you learn how to Ollie. You might want to tighten your trucks so you'll be able to balance better.

Learn how to ollie with Skateboard Trick Tips

2. Put your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the middle of your board and the front bolts. Put the ball of your back foot in the middle of the board so when push the tail down, you feel pressure on the balls of your foot.

Learn how to ollie with Skateboard Trick Tips

3. Next, bend your knees and crouch, as you prepare to jump. You must be able to balance your crouch! Do not bend out your back too much or stick your butt out too far out. Keep your shoulders square and level with your feet.

4. Pop down the tail of your board with your back foot. Immediately after your board makes contact with the ground, drag your front foot toward the nose. The friction and dragging motion from your front foot and the board will cause it to rise off the ground.

Ollie made easy with Skateboard Trick TipsLearn The secrets of doing an Ollie

5. Be sure to jump forward. Immediately after you pop, drag your front foot up and “jump forwards.” This will be tough at first, and you’ll have to practice to get the timing down.

Learn the secret of the ollie.

6. After you get of the ground, you want to level out. You can do this by sucking up both of your legs.

Learn how to ollie with stakeboard Trick Tips

7. Land with both feet at the same time, preferably with front and back foot as close to the bolts trucks as possible.

8. Ride away with a smile on your face. Congratulations, you just learned how to Ollie!

Learn the secrets how to Ollie with Skateboard Trick Tips

1. Learn how to Ollie stationary at first to get comfortable with the basics of the trick. Once you feel comfortable with the motions, you can start trying the trick moving, and then start jumping off of or on to things.

2. The most difficult part is the trick is timing when to pop the tail, when to jump, and how to suck up your legs quickly. You'll discover that it's actually all done at the same time! Learning how to ollie will become easier when you do everything faster.

Tony Hawk teaches you how to ollie:

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