Learn how to Kickflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

In the kickflip, your skateboard spins under you as you jump. It was invented by Rodney Mullen and were called Magic Flips at first.
Learning how to kickflip can be one of the most difficult tricks you will ever learn.

You can learn how to do a kickflip while stationary at first and as you get more comfortable, you can try them while moving. Be patient! Learning how to kickflip takes time!

The kickflip is also one of the most rewarding tricks because after you learn how to kickflip, you'll find that other flip trick will come to you much easier!

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Learn how to Kickflip with skateboard trick tips

1. Before you learn how to kickflip, you'll want to know how to Ollie at least a foot, since you need some height for the trick.

Learn the secrets of the Kickflip!

2. You want to place your front foot at a 45 degree angle behind the front bolts. You should have the ball of you back foot in the center of the tail.

Learn how to kickflips with Skateboard trick tipsKickflip made easy with Skateboard Trick Tips

3. With your back foot, pop the board up as you would in an Ollie. Instead of dragging straight up with your front foot, you want to give a nice ankle flick at where the concave starts.

Secret Kickflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

4. Be sure to flick up and out, and not down. This will get the board flipping under you. Jump the same way as you would during an Ollie and suck your feet up.

5. Stay over your skateboard. Wait for the griptape side to come round and be sure to suck up your legs to give it room to rotate.

Kickflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

6. When the board has flipped once, bring your front foot on it to catch it. Your back foot should naturally catch it as well.

Kickflip with Stakeboard Trick Tips

7. Catch the board firmly, with both feet stomping on the bolts. Be careful not to land with one foot on the nose or tail, because your board might snap!

8. Ride away smoothly with a huge grin because you have just learned one of the hardest skateboarding tricks!

Learn how to Kickflip Tips with Skateboard trick tips

1. Learning how to kickflip will take weeks and maybe even months of practice! Don't get hung up if you can't land them right away. Just keep trying kickflips and they will naturally come to you!

2. Don't flick out too much with your ankle because this will cause the board to fly out.

3. Keep your shoulders square with the board so it stays straight and doesn't rotate. This is a common problem of many beginners when they learn how to kickflip.

Tony Hawk teaches you how to Kickflip:

Hope you enjoyed learning how to Kickflip!

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