Learn how to Forwardflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

A forward flip is one of the nicest looking trick and can be a very fun trick to pull off. Basically, a forward flip is a vertical flip off the nose with a half flip so that it lands back on it's wheels. It could be thought of as an ollie late nollie hardflip.

Before you learn these, you must be know how to ollie very high. Otherwise, you can get hurt seriously!

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Learn how to Forwardflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

1. For a forward flip you want your front foot around the middle of the board at a 45 degree angle, with your toes lined up with the edge of your deck. Your back foot needs to be in a place where it can get good pop.

2. Pop your board like an ollie. Be sure to pop up hard so the board has room to flip.

3. Flick your front foot straight off the nose as hard as you can.

4. Suck up your feet up as much as you can, and let the board spin under you.

5. Once the board has gone past vertical you can bring your feet back down onto the grip.

6. Once your feet are on the board, land it smoothly and bend your knees as you ride away.

Learn how to Forwardflip with Skateboard Trick Tips

1. If the board is just doing a varial flip, then it means you are either (A) not popping the board straight down, and popping it like a pop shove-it or (B) flicking off to the side and not straight off the nose.

2.  If you just end up doing an ollie north then you are probably just jumping and kicking out, and not dragging and flicking. Remember, it's just like an ollie except your front foot kicks off the nose.

3. This is a hard trick, and it takes a lot of dedication and practice. If you feel it just isn't clicking, take a break, and watch videos of people doing them until it burns into your skull.








How to Forwardflip:

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